Updated BlueBet review

BlueBet review

Our review of the bookmaker BlueBet has been updated to incorporate our September 2021 bookmaker margins and markets survey as well as the October 2021 upgrade to the BlueBet website.

The updated odds and markets details are as follows:

Bookmaker Margin

The bookmaker margin (overround) is a measure of the bookmaker’s profit margin for an event and is a hidden transaction cost for punters. This profit is how bookmakers finance their services but bookmakers vary in the margins they apply. From a punter’s perspective, the lower the margin, the better.

BlueBet was close to the survey average for racing margins and slightly below average for sports margins, with an average margin of 5.5% compared to the survey average of 5.7%. BlueBet recorded the best odds for numerous sporting selections. This shows that it would make a useful addition to a portfolio of memberships for those who like to shop around for the best odds.

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Sports Markets

BlueBet‘s market offerings per fixture have increased dramatically since we first reviewed the service. Where previously we observed 22 to 25 markets per AFL and NRL fixture, BlueBet has since recorded 60-71 markets in our 2021 survey.

Other typical market counts are 15 for tennis, 25 for MLB, 70 for the EPL and 180 for the NFL.

The markets on offer increase leading up to each fixture. Across the AFL, EPL, NFL and NRL, BlueBet averaged 57 markets on Wednesday, 66 markets on Thursday and 96 markets on Friday.

While the range isn’t industry-leading, BlueBet’s range of markets is sufficient to make it suitable as a standalone membership for casual sports betting.

This review is part of a series on betting agencies that are suitable for Australians. All reviews form part of the Bookmaker Reviews section on this website. A full survey of betting agencies can be found in the Betting Agencies section.

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