Irregularities in Super 14 Tournament Winner Odds

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for irregularities in available odds, because bookmaker mistakes do happen.

Last night Sportsbet was offering the following odds on the Super 14 Tournament outright winner.

    |   Winner
Bulls   |   2.35
Chiefs   |   3.50
Hurricanes   |   4.00
Crusaders   |   6.00


    |   Winning Country
New Zealand   |   1.53
South Africa   |   2.40


The Bulls are the only South African team left in the tournament, hence the disparity in the 2.40 South Africa odds to the 2.35 odds on the Bulls.

I checked the odds again today and found that the winning country odds are now as follows.

    |   Winning Country
New Zealand   |   1.55
South Africa   |   2.35


So the disparity has been fixed.

It just goes to show that disparities do exist, although they disappear quickly!

For the Super 14 tournament I have placed a bet a South African team to win using the 2.40 odds offered last night. Providing the Bulls manage to beat the Crusaders, I will likely hedge my bets by betting on the winner of the Chiefs / Hurricanes match to win the tournament. The Bulls would have home game advantage, and they play at altitude, so providing they can beat the Crusaders I would expect them to be installed as favourites to win the final. Odds of more than than 1.72 on their opponent would enable me to lock in a profit before the final commences. All that needs to happen now is for them to beat the Crusaders! Fingers crossed.

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