Putting Mark Lawrenson’s football predictions to the test

Anyone who frequents the BBC Football website will undoubtedly be familiar with “Lawro’s predictions”, which are Mark Lawrenson’s predictions for each week’s football fixtures. These fixtures are typically for the English Premier League, although he also provides tips for the Carling Cup and FA Cup.

Lately I’ve noticed that Mark Lawrenson has been tipping very well. Unlike most celebrity tipsters, he predicts the score line, not just the result. Last week Lawro got seven out of ten results correct, with two perfect scores. Given that the shortest odds for a correct score are typically around 5.50, Lawro’s tips look to have made for a profitable weekend.

With that in mind, I have created a forum thread dedicated to putting Lawro’s weekly tips to the test. I’m going to bet $2 on each fixture that he provides a tip for. I will bet $1 on the result (win/draw/loss), and $1 on Lawro’s predicted score line. Each week I will provide a running account of how well I perform using Lawro’s predictions. Will I make a profit following his advice week in, week out?

Click here to follow my progress.

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