Australian Federal Election Betting

With the Australian Federal election tomorrow, now is your final chance to place your bets!

Below are some of the latest odds. Please note that these odds could change quickly and radically. These odds are accurate as of 5:17 PM on August 20th. Also, as a warning, Sportsbet currently offers odds on who will be PM at the 2013 Federal Election, which some punters may misinterpret as the winner of the 2010 election. These bets won’t pay out for years!

Note that an arbitrage opportunity exists! Provided the odds don’t move, you can profit by betting against a hung parliament with Centrebet and for a hung parliament with Sportingbet. Remember, an arbitrage opportunity exists whenever the reciprocals of the odds sum to less than one. In this case 1/3.00 + 1/1.64 = 0.943. Use the arbitrage calculator to calculate your strategy. Note that you are exposed to some risk, because a bookmaker may reject your bet or change the odds after you have placed a bet with the other agency. Update: Sportingbet has shortened its odds, but the arbitrage opportunity still exists, so you better be quick!

Australian Federal Election – Winner

  Labor Party     Coalition
Sportsbet 1.45 2.75 (any other party)
Sportingbet 1.48 2.60
Centrebet 1.48 2.62
Luxbet 1.50 2.55
Sports Alive     1.48 2.60
IASbet 1.45 2.75 (any other party)


Hung Parliament

  Yes No
Sportsbet 2.90 1.37
Sportingbet 3.00 1.35
Centrebet 2.15     1.64
Luxbet N/A N/A
Sports Alive      N/A N/A
IASbet N/A N/A


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