Comprehensive Matchbook Review

An in-depth review of the betting exchange Matchbook is now available. This comprehensive review is part of a series on betting agencies that are suitable for Australians. All reviews form part of the Bookmaker Reviews section on this website.

In summary, Matchbook will have to grow substantially before it can effectively compete with the likes of Betfair. It does have the trump card, however, of being the only exchange (at the time of review) to support AUD accounts and in-play wagering. It’s worth keeping an eye on Matchbook as it recovers from the 2011 loss of its American clientele, however at this stage punters will be disappointed by the lack of markets offered and the low liquidity. Nevertheless, serious punters will appreciate Matchbook as an opportunity for arbitrage betting and as an additional source for odds shopping on major events.

View the Matchbook review.

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