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Unibet Streak – Predict the Winners of 10 Sporting Events to Win $1 Million

Unibet 2018 Champions Prediction Competition screenshot

Unibet is giving members the chance to win AUD $1,000,000 by correctly picking the winners of ten sporting events.

Entry is only open to all Australian residents (excluding SA residents) who are 18 years and over and have a Unibet account. No deposit is necessary.

How to Play

To participate, you select your predicted winner for each of the following sporting events for 2017/18:

  • 2017/18 A-League Champions
  • 2018/18 UEFA Champions League
  • 2017/18 NBA Champions
  • 2017/18 NBL Champions
  • 2018 V8 Supercars Series Champion
  • 2018 NRL Champions
  • 2018 AFL Champions
  • 2018 MLB Champions
  • 2018 FIFA World Cup Champions
  • 2018 Wimbledon Men’s Singles Champion

To enter the competition, Sign up with Unibet, then go to the Promotions section and click on the “$1,000,000 Champion of Champions” link.

You can change your selections any time before Wednesday the 28th of February at 23.59 AEDT.

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The entrant that correctly picks the winner of all ten events will win AUD $1,000,000 in cash.

In the case that two or more entrants correctly pick the winner of each of the ten events, then the prize will be equally split between those entrants. E.g. if there are two winners, each winner will receive AUD $500,000.

No prize will be awarded if no one successfully picks the winner of every sporting event.

Final results of each event as at 11.59pm AEDT on 25 November 2018 will be used to determine the winner(s).

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Unibet Streak – Free Tipping Competition

Unibet Streak selection page

Unibet has launched a free monthly tipping competition where the goal is to build the longest winning streak. Various monthly cash prizes are available.

The competition is open to all Unibet members located in Australia. No deposit is necessary.

Due to regulatory reasons, customers who reside in South Australia are ineligible to win any prizes.

How to Play

Each day Unibet publishes a list of fixtures covering a variety of sports.

From this list you select the winner of any of the daily listed match-ups. You can only select one pick at a time and will only be able to make a new pick once that event concludes. The aim is to build the longest winning streak. The winning streak doesn’t have to be active at the end of the month to count. The longest streak you can build during the course of the month counts as your entry.

At the end of each month prizes are awarded and the competition resets.

The competition is scheduled to run until the end of September 2018.

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Unibet Streak leaderboard


The main prize is $5,000 in cash each month for the participant who has created the longest winning streak.

If two participants share the longest streak, then the tie breaker will be determined by the highest percentage winning rate during the course of the month. If two or more members are still tied then the prize will be equally split between them.

In addition to the monthly main prize there are the following prizes:

Most Wins: $500 in bonus bets
Longest Losing Streak (without forfeiting) – Currently L8: $300 in bonus bets
2nd – 5th Longest Winning Streak: $150 in bonus bets
6th – 10th Longest Winning Streak: $100 in bonus bets
Winner of a private group of 10 or more active players: $100 in bonus bets
All customers who achieve a W15 Streak (15 wins in a row): $15 in bonus bets

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Private Competitions

You can create a private competition of your own and if there are 10 or more active participants in it, the winner each month will receive $100 in bonus bets.

AusSportsBetting has created a group called ‘‘. To join, sign up to Unibet Streak, go to My Groups, select Join Group and search for The password to join is letmein.

If 10 or more people join this group then the winner each month will be eligible to receive $100 in bonus bets.

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2017 AFL & NRL Million Dollar Tipping Competitions

Tipping screenshotSportsbet has again launched its free Million Dollar Tipping competition for the 2017 NRL and AFL seasons. The NRL and AFL competitions combine for $1,000,000 in total cash and bonus bet prizes.

The top tipsters for each code will win $50,000 at the end of the season and the top tipsters each round will receive $5,000.

There is no obligation to bet when tipping. The competitions are open to all Sportsbet account holders and they are free to enter. No deposit is required.

You can sign up midway through the season. While this will make your chances of winning end of season prizes unlikely, you will still have as good a chance as anyone for the weekly prizes. The official closing dates for entry are 31/08/2017 for the NRL and 25/08/2017 for the AFL.

To participate, simply pick the match winners each round. Your ranking will depend on how many games you pick correctly. For a selected game each week you will also input your best guess for the winning margin. Your cumulative accuracy for the winning margins serves as a tie-breaking rule. The NRL and AFL competitions are separate, so you can join one or both. Entry is free.

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2017 CrownBet Rewards NRL Tipping

CrownBet Rewards NRL Tipping screenshot

With the 2017 NRL season due to kick off in just over a week, CrownBet has re-launched its NRL tipping competition with a $50,000 cash prize for the winner plus weekly prizes.

The competition is open to CrownBet Rewards members. Becoming a Rewards member is free for all CrownBet members and no wagering is required to participate.

You can sign up to CrownBet Rewards without having a CrownBet wagering account.

How to Play

Each week you submit your tips for who will win each NRL fixture. For the opening game of each round you also enter your predicted winning margin. Your cumulative winning margin score (the difference between your predicted margins and the actual margins) is used as a tie-breaking rule.

If you forget to tip, you will automatically be allocated the away teams. You can only score a maximum of 4 points per round for matches where you forgot to tip.

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The winner(s) of the season long competition will share in $50,000 cash. If there is more than one winner then each of those participants will be declared winners and will share in the total value of the prize.

There are also weekly prizes:

If you correctly tip the correct winner and winning margin in the opening game of the round you will win 1,000 CrownBet Rewards points (redeemable for a $10 bonus bet).

If you correctly tip the winner of every game of the round you will win 500 points (redeemable for a $5 bonus bet).

Other Details

You have up until the start of each individual game to submit your tips, once the game has started it will be locked out and no one will be able to submit or edit their tip for that game.

If you join the competition late you will be awarded one correct tip for all of the winning away teams for the year up until the point of your registration. This will be limited to a maximum of 4 correct tips per round up until the round that you joined. Note that this will have no bearing on your ability to win weekly prizes.

If a game is a draw or abandoned then all members will receive credit for submitting a correct tip.

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TopBetta Racing and Sports Tournaments

TopBetta sports tournament

In addition to its standard bookmaker service, TopBetta offers sports and race betting tournaments where the “TopBetta” is the player who makes the most profit from their bets. There are both free and paid tournaments. The paid tournaments pay cash prizes while the free tournament winners receive free entry into paid competitions.

In each tournament punters are given 1,000 “Betta Bucks” – a TopBetta fantasy currency – to bet with on the nominated fixtures or races. Participants are ranked based on the profit they achieve using the fantasy money. Participants can place as few or as many wagers as they wish using the funds. The smaller tournaments have a winner takes-all-prize while the bigger competitions award lesser prizes to the runners up. The actual payouts are based on the size of the pot, which is based on how many people entered the competition.

TopBetta odds display

For the paid tournaments the entry fee is taken from your account balance, with tournament winnings paid back to your balance. This same balance is used for standard sports and race wagering. Typically for a tournament with a $6 entry fee, $5 is allocated to the prize pool with $1 kept as a service fee by TopBetta. Entry fees vary between tournaments. The paid tournament entry fees ranged between $1.25 and $55 at the time of review.

TopBetta competition betting slip

A typical sports tournament consists of one round of fixtures for a particular league, e.g. NFL Week 6. You can spend your fantasy money on any of the markets for any of the fixtures in that round. A typical racing tournament consists of all races at one venue on a particular day. The tournament betting interface is identical to that used in the regular sports and race betting service.

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Monthly Sporting Event Tickets Giveaway

Sport Survey is giving away 2 tickets to sporting events every month in 2016.

To enter the competition, head to and complete the short 5 minute survey. Once you finish the survey you will automatically be entered into every draw.

Here is a list of the monthly prizes to be won:

February: 2 Premium Tickets to Hyundai A-League Finals
March: 2 Tickets to any NRL Match
April: 2 Tickets to NRL State of Origin Game 1
May: 2 Tickets to NRL State of Origin Game 2
June: 2 Tickets to NRL State of Origin Game 3
July: 2 Tickets to Bathurst 1000
August: 2 Tickets to the AFL Grand Final
September: 2 Tickets to the Melbourne Cup
October: 2 Tickets to an NBL Basketball Match
November: 2 Tickets to a Cricket Match
December: 2 Tickets to the 2017 Australian Open Final!

Make your opinion known on a variety of topics and you could win a fantastic prize.

Winners are randomly selected and prizes will be emailed in the form of Ticketek vouchers, see full T&C’s on website.

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